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Raising Awareness of Important Issues Through 'The Project I Am'

Chicago’s Jahkil Jackson created his social program Project I Am at eight-years-old to help the homeless population of his city. His program distributes Blessed Bags of toiletry essentials to the homeless and those in need; in 2017, Project I Am gave out over 6,000 bags to areas in and outside Chicago.

Founder Jahkil Jackson

Project I Am, a non-profit organization, was created by 8-year-old Jahkil Naeem Jackson. Five years later, Jahkil still has a heartfelt desire to help those in need. He has a mission to build awareness of homelessness and to help the homeless population by offering them what he calls “Blessing Bags,” a giveaway filled with wipes, socks, deodorant, hand sanitizer, granola bars, toothbrushes, toothpaste, bottled water, and more.

In just a few years, Jahkil’s efforts have impacted 50,000 homeless people across the world. He has organized distribution to those in need in Chicago, Los Angeles, Oklahoma, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Virginia, and Idaho. He has also provided Blessing Bags to orphans in Mbabane, Swaziland, as well as volcano victims in Guatemala, and hurricane survivors in Florida, Houston, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas. In the wake of COVID-19, Jahkil created an exciting way to engage 200 youth from over 70 cities to create and distribute 8,000 blessing bags to homeless in their local communities.

Jahkil is a motivational speaker on a mission to influence kids around the country to get involved in their communities. He plans to continue to join forces with other like-minded youth to lead a life of service, encouraging them to find their passions and make the world a better place. To continue to reach his goals, he is asking the public for supplies and monetary donations.

Jahkil has won many awards and holds very important positions. He is a youth ambassador for Heartland Alliance, one of the world’s leading anti-poverty organizations. He also is a member of the WE International Youth Council, where they exist to make the world a better place.

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