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Learn About Human Rights and Social Justice Through Disturb the Establishment

Are you trying to expand your knowledge and perspective of the world? Disturb the Establishment is a platform in which youth can learn about human rights and social justice topics, including theoretical concepts, key figures in the field, and past and current events. The organization is committed to creating an environment where young people can engage with these topics and think critically about the systems we live in. Disturb the Establishment is mainly present on Instagram since they believe social media is a key tool for activism.

Founder Avery McQuirter

Avery McQuirter is a 20-year-old and a third year Global and International Studies student from Ottawa, Canada. Through school, she focuses on global inequality and social change which led her to create Disturb the Establishment. Avery created Disturb the Establishment as a way to apply the knowledge she learned in school to real life. In her studies, Avery learned a lot about decolonization and how it is both a physical and mental process."Without real-world action, you are not taking part in decolonization," Avery said.

As a result, Avery decided to create her organization, Disturb the Establishment, as one of her real-world actions in the process of decolonization. Avery officially launched the organization in December of 2020 and have reached over 300 people on Instagram. She hopes to continue the organization's growth and learning.

While Disturb the Establishment may be a startup, the organization has many plans to grow in the future. They hope to do DTETalks, a series of livestreams with activists from different fields. They are also currently writing the first volume of the DTE ebook, which goes more in depth into the concepts they post their platforms. Disturb the Establishment is also perhaps developing a podcast so listeners can engage critically with different human rights and social justice topics.

Click here to view their Instagram.

Click here to view their website.



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