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Founder of Build the Future

Hi there! My name is Julia Tan and I am the founder of the Build the Future blog. I am 18-years-old and currently go the University of Virginia. A few of my hobbies include tasting new food, being on TikTok for hours and hours, and being active such as playing lacrosse or field hockey. When I was younger, I used to be very shy and was always afraid to interact with others. However, entering high school allowed me to find people who would help me grow my confidence. After my sophomore year of high school, I was able to fully find my confidence and quickly became in love with business.

Due to COVID-19, a business event that I was looking forward to got cancelled. At this event, I was supposed to share with large companies a business idea I had. For a whole year, I got ready for this presentation; I created a marketing plan and was able to calculate my profits for the first year. This all vanished after the Virginia governor ordered for all schools to be closed for the rest of the year.


 I was not given the opportunity to show my ideas, and so this inspired me to give others the opportunity by creating this blog to give youth entrepreneurs a platform to showcase their businesses and organizations! In addition to this, readers will have the opportunity to connect with the businesses/organizations we feature that may interest them.


I currently manage the website and Build the Future's Instagram page (@buildthefutureblog). I write all the blog entries and post on Instagram whenever there is a new article up, so make sure to follow us there! I have a few volunteers who help with discovering new businesses and organizations in which I can write an article about.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the blog!

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