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Interested in the Medical Field? Check out Future in Medicine!

Keerthi Mula, a 16 year old senior from Tampa, Florida created Future in Medicine. Keerthi came up with the idea because many aspiring doctors, including herself, lost the opportunity to shadow, volunteer, intern, etc. with doctors because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nowadays, not everyone has access to resources that can help obtain more information on the medical field. This can create a major issue since the process of applying to medical/PA/ nursing/dental school is quite difficult. Future in Medicine wants to bridge the gap by providing the experience of doctors and medical students in conjunction to providing free MCAT resources.

The organization publishes 2-3 articles every week, host weekly Doc Talks where medical students and professionals share about their experiences and provide studying materials. The organization was even nominated for WEGO Health Awards and have had many offers for partnerships and collaborations. Keerthi has also been asked to speak at a few events as well. Future in Medicine has an instagram following of over 8,000 and is growing on a daily basis.

Future in Medicine will continue to provide their Doc Talks for students who aren’t able to access hospitals and will provide free guidance and resources for the MCAT and STEM classes. They have recruited pre-medical and medical students to create study guides and other resources to help others.

Click here to view their website.

Click here to view their Instagram.



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