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Create, Capture, and Conquer

Imagine creating a business with your best friends that helps the community while doing your passion. Sounds like a dream, right? Meet Sofia Diaz, CEO of the Royal Vision, who is from Miami Lakes, Florida. Sofia has had experience in computer programming ever since she was 13 years old. She has done programming on, as well as joined NFTE, a high school program to help young entrepreneurs. She is now the proud owner of the Royal Vision. The Royal Vision now consists of seven members, all of who are experienced and received training for their services.

The Royal Vision is a multi-service business that offers film, photography, and web design. They offer help to express a story someone wants to share with the world through their services, which also includes creating websites. They focus on their client's satisfaction, striving to get them exactly what they need.

The Royal Vision supports youth empowerment and communities coming together. They have previously worked with non-profit organizations, homeless shelters, and events that allowed them to connect with their community.

The name of the business, the Royal Vision, promises customers high quality, beautiful services. They have a motto of Create, Capture, Conquer, meaning create memories, capture the moment, and conquer the experience.

The Royal Vision created a very successful short-film called Blackbox, and get a few clients weekly. They have used the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to get work done, such as creating videos and setting up for bigger goals. They have also been using this extra time to further their knowledge on how to improve and expand their business.

Click here to view their website.

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