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Interested in the Medical Field? Join Proximity Foundation

Interested in the medical field but don't know how to get started? You're not alone. Join Proximity Foundation! It is a platform where the youth population can share their interest in the field and gain more knowledge from medical professionals.

Pratham Bhatt is a sophomore from New Jersey. Pratham was exposed to the medical field at an early age and has always wanted to pursue a career in medicine. Being very passionate about the field and always eager to learn more, Pratham wanted to provide other students the opportunity to express interest in medicine as well. In order to do this, Pratham created Proximity Foundation.

The Proximity Foundation is an organization dedicated to increasing the involvement of youth in medicine. They write articles, create educational content, and utilize social media to expose younger audiences to the healthcare industry including new medical innovations and the inner workings of the human anatomy.

The foundation is composed of a range of students; hardworking middle schoolers, high schoolers, and college students from around the world joined the foundation to share a similar goal. Proximity Foundation also has members that are medical professionals who provide guidance and knowledge to younger students. They hope that these students will educate others on the topics they learned. By creating slideshows, videos, and worksheets, Proximity Foundations hope to create a student-friendly platform through which they can gain knowledge.

Ever since launching the foundation, they have been able to gain over 100 members from over 13 states and even 13 countries. Through their team, Proximity Foundation has written over 75 articles and educational material that covers over 25 topics. Their ultimate mission is to serve, educate, and empower the youth to unite with this medical interest of theirs through the Proximity Foundation.

Proximity Foundation have current plans to expand their organization through an app. They also hope to create a monthly newsletter that can be sent to members, as well as holding virtual conferences and competitions in which members can interact with one another.

Click here to view their website.

Click here to view their Instagram.


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