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Melodies for Math Creates a New Fun Way to Learn Math

How can we introduce math topics in a fun way for students to learn? Meet Melodies for Math. Swetha Tandri is a 17-year-old who lives in Irving, Texas. Swetha has had an idea to create this organization since seventh gradeshe thought of this project after writing a parody explaining the standard form equation for Algebra 1. The video garnered more than 1,000 views on YouTube and many positive comments. After gaining more knowledge of music theory, Melodies for Math was officially initiated on March 10th, 2020.

Founder Swetha Tandri

Melodies for Math was created to provide for others a resource that Swetha once wished she had in middle school. Swetha is an auditory learner, understanding concepts much better through songs and videos opposed to textbook paragraphs. She wanted to show teachers and students that math is possible to learn and that the process is just as important than the solution. Swetha is also a student who is passionate in both STEM and humanities, so creating a community of like-minded individuals where arts and sciences can successfully intertwine was important to her.

Within that short time since the organization launched, Swetha was able to compose, produce, and put together 23 original songs explaining various K-12 math concepts. The organization is currently designing their website using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Swetha manages and delegates tasks to a team of 26 high school students internationally to continue the success of Melodies for Math.

Through social media promotions and takeovers, Melodies for Math have more than 1,000 followers on Instagram and provided the songwriting service to 15 student clients across four countries. Their website and YouTube channel have together received over 700 unique viewers. Swetha initiated partnerships with over 20 other youth organizations aiming to bridge the gender gap in STEM. Through this, they conducted instagram story takeovers that have reached over a thousand individuals. Swetha became an Educational Panelist at hACCESS alongside WiTech and Kara Tutoring, and is also the recipient of the Her Big Idea Fund, an international pitch competition for female founded businesses/non-profit ideas. The organization has even won $500 in sponsorships from Brown University.

Melodies for Math is currently working to solidify the team and to explain the entire Algebra 1 curriculum through short, original songs. They have future plans of having a YouTube series where they interview professionals about their experiences with music/humanities and STEM-related fields, as well as SAT/ACT webinars. Melodies for Math hopes to one day go beyond making videos to highlight the intersections between STEM and the Humanities in all walks of life. As they continue growing to become a larger organization, they hope to host conventions which would be the ultimate symposium of STEM and the Arts, equipped with panelists and events. One such event would be a Melodies for Math hackathon where individuals can create their own artwork explaining math within a short time frame.

Click here to view their website.

Click here to view their Instagram.



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