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Beautiful and Powerful Garments Created by Mimi Miller

Mimi Miller, founder of Mimi Miller Womenswear, has always been intrigued by the process of fashion design and appreciated the high level of craftsmanship needed to create beautiful garments.

Founder & Designer Mimi Miller

When Mimi took a trip to the beach at the age of 13, she shopped in a unique beach boutique. Mimi spotted a pair of embellished jeans with ornate hand-stitching, beading, and quirky fabric patches layered with stamped fabric ink. She automatically fell in love, but it was highly priced. Mimi and her mother decided to create the same piece themselves. Soon, this inspired Mimi to create her own clothing label. The desire to create her brand was born out of realizing a gap in the market: the need for longer yet modern silhouettes.

Mimi Miller Womenswear was created in 2015 and Mimi developed pieces that honored slow fashion, the simplicity of loose-fitting silhouettes and timeless patterns. Mimi Miller Womenswear empowers women to evolve from settling for conventional clothing to embracing refined pieces for an integration of quality and effortless style.

Mimi’s formula for beautiful clothing is simple:

Ethical Production + Quality Fit + Excellent Textiles = Effortless & Modern Pieces

Her brand hopes that the garments can be worn by various types of women for years, not just one or two seasons.

Click here to view her website.



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