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Buy Bedazzled Art to Make You Beam: Iridescent by Chelsea Haye

We often look for pieces in our wardrobe or even own accessories that make us stand out in the crowd. Well, thanks to 'Iridescent by Chelsea Haye', we don't have to look any further. Chelsea sells apparel and bedazzled accessories to make us sparkle.

Founder & CEO Chelsea Haye

Chelsea Haye is a 15-year-old from New York City, New York. When she was only 12-years-old, she learned some business skills that allowed her to aid her parents with their business. Chelsea promoted her father's business that sold glasses, as well as helped her mother with her beauty brand. As Chelsea was supporting these businesses, she wanted to create a brand herself to support her family and to create a future for herself. She created her own business called 'Iridescent by Chelsea Haye' that sells her own clothing and bedazzled accessories.

Chelsea first began with selling bedazzled keychains, bedazzled calculators, and pop-sockets. After she was able to reach a larger audience, she started to sell apparel and other accessories. Ever since starting her business at age 12, she has become a successful young entrepreneur, social media manager, YouTuber, and public speaker. Through her business and her platforms, she hopes to make other people happy with her products as well as better their lives.

Through the brand 'Iridescent by Chelsea Haye', products have been sold out multiple times as demand is high. Chelsea has also been interviewed on video, has been interviewed for an article, reached over 100 subscribers on her YouTube channel, and launched a new website with her own domain.

In the future, Chelsea hopes to expand her product line as well as offer more services that are available to her customers. She will continue to use her platforms to expand and reach more potential customers.

Click here to view her website.

Click here to view her Instagram.


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