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Spreading Happiness Through Intrinsic Art and Fashion

Giving back to the community while doing a passion is everyone's goal. Marina hopes to spread happiness through intrinsic art & fashion.

Marina Malin is 17-years-old and is from Connecticut. With her creative skills, she created a business called Intrinsic Designs. She sells clothes with handmade, unique designs. Her mission is to make clothes with designs that makes each person feel confident and happy about themselves.

Marina has always had a passion for art; it acts as a creative outlet that plays a large role in her life. During her freshman year of high school, Marina designed on a denim jacket for a school project. Since then, she has fell in love with making art, using clothes as a canvas. She became obsessed with graphic teesprinting on tees, painting on tees, sewing on tees. Creating a business would allow her to continue her passion while giving back to her community by donating every shirt that is purchased to a local community center.

Through her business, Marina gives those who cannot afford to buy clothes an opportunity to "shop" and choose for themselves, in effort to create an equalized and equitable experience that cultivates confidence and happiness.  Marina makes frequent visits to drop off shirts with various designs and sizes to allow others choose what they want to wear and feel good in. Since launching her business, Marina has been able to donate more than 70 shirts to Kids in Crisis, a center providing emergency shelter, crisis counseling, and community education programs. She has even had the chance to be chosen for a teen artist market in New York to sell her clothes. She now works on multiple orders and designs every week.

Marina hopes to expand her business and have local businesses sell her products. She also hopes to turn her business into a blog. Marina's goal one day is to own a art-themed coffee shop that sells her intrinsic designs.

Click here to view her website.


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