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General Intelligence(s) Tackles Educational Inequality Through Webinars and Programs

There are many problems in the nation's education system. Many student curriculums across the nation do not cover basic, yet crucial, skills such as coding, cultural awareness, and financial literacy. Also, underprivileged students do not have the same resources and information as other students.

Founder & CEO Magda Wojtara

Magda Wojtara is a rising junior in the LSA Honor’s College at the University of Michigan- Ann Arbor. Magda created General Intelligence(s) to raise awareness on the severity of the issue, and to help provide schools and students with resources to help bridge the gap.

General Intelligence(s) is a student-led and student-run nonprofit committed to providing high school and undergraduate students from disadvantaged communities and school districts with resources for success. The organization helps students gain crucial life skills and the social capital necessary for success. They provide daily content, partnerships with other organizations on specialized webinars, and mentorship and tutoring programs with high school seniors, undergraduates, and career professionals. General Intelligence(s) is based in the United States, however, they even have team members from several countries including Canada, UAE, Egypt, and more.

Since launching two months ago, they have had over 700 students attend their webinars. They've estimated to have over 1,150 students attend by the end of the month. Through their website, they have reached over a few thousand views, and even created more than 100 articles. Furthermore, General Intelligence(s) has been able to get speakers such as a Nobel Prize Recipient, Deloitte Intern, and Marketing Analyst at Kaiser Permanente as panelists for their webinars. General Intelligence(s) also have more than 25 partnerships from around the world with other non-profits, NGOs, and companies that they feel can help them promote their mission.

The organization plans to continue to grow in order to have more people aware of their resources. This will allow them to achieve their goals of reducing the resource accessibility barrier component of educational inequality. General Intelligence(s) plan on applying to be Presidential Volunteer Service Award Certified. In the future, they plan on hosting Zoom classes for college admissions and courses based on demand. They also are considering to start high school and college chapters that members can organize and manage.

Click here to view their website.

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